That African Girl

It is true that there is no place where your identity get really shaped than college. I remember that when I was applying to universities, the percentage of minorities (or Diversity issues) on campus was a big deal for me. Will I feel comfortable? Will I be one of many or just “That African Girl”? Those questions led me to Cornell, where (like for many other students), I wasn’t the only one, where I gained a better (not complete) understanding of all the different parts of my identity: African, Woman, Black, Christian, Idealist, etc.

The term “That African Girl” came to mean, not “the only one”, but ” a part of”. My motivation for blogging came from various other bloggers who write to show that, there are different ways to do things: There isn’t  only one way to write about fashion, to study, to go through college and to love yourself.

It also came from a desire to shatter for myself and others, the danger of The Single Story.

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