The Lion King image

I got invited to a couple of French classes last week to talk to students about Francophone Africa. Given that I only have (limited) knowledge about one country, I reluctantly accepted to go, to answer the questions that I can and refer them to sources for those questions I have no answer for. I had my “livre de contes”, my stories and my “pagnes”. I really enjoyed the first class, because the students were so energetic and eager to ask questions. I was able to answer most questions to the best of my ability. We talked about Politics, Education, Food and the conversation slowly came around to “Music”.

I asked them what they think about when they hear about African Music, many students mentioned “drums”. We joked about the Lion King image people had about African music, along with Kumbayah. I remember kids in middle school, teasing me by walking behind me, singing the songs from the Lion king…pests…

So, I ended up talking to them about the influence of Hip-Hop on cultures around the world. I think they knew about French rappers, but many of them didn’t have a concept of non-French artists rapping in French and other languages. It was quite a good conversation. I was able to show them these videos:

Bisso Na Bisso: Show Ce Soir

Magic System: Ki dit mie

Toofan: Parler Parler

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One Response to The Lion King image

  1. Adey says:

    Woo! Way to break the ignorance….and with great taste. **i see this happening in multiple university settings in your future**
    muwahaha… 🙂

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