Lessons from a semester (oh yeah, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!)

Since it’s the holiday season, I should probably write something about the festivities, but it would be redundant. Everywhere you turn this day, there are visual (Google…ugh), auditory or cinematographic reminders that Christmas is coming (It’s tomorrow). I don’t, I couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit this year. I don’t know if it’s because of the recession, or being a college senior and feeling like I’m too old for all of it (ugh) or just…whatever. I can’t help but feel..blah. So, there goes my holiday post 🙂

Because I’ve spent more all my (almost) 4 years at one institution, it’s still amazing to me talking to transfers about their first-semester experience. One of my friends, Stephanie, who transferred in this year, wrote this post I couldn’t help but share.

What I learned this semester…

So I finished my transition to Cornell and I have to tell you I’ve had an amazing ride. My professors were so willing to help, the food was awesome, and the people have such diverse interests! I hope you all can learn from the mistakes I made and the new things I’ve learned. Some of these things may be specific to me but I hope it helps you nonetheless. IF YOU HAVE LEARNED ANYTHING THIS SEMESTER (OR ANY OTHER ONE FOR THAT MATTER) PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!!

1. Avoid the collegiate “shotgun” friend effect. Meet lots of people, be open to new friends, but your time is valuable and scarce so be selective with the people you hang around. Remember quality is better than quality.
2. Call your parents and remind them how important they are in your life. (It’s kinda nice to go home for once and not have to worry about being in the dog house.) I think it’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
3. Stick to your morals! Between lingerie parties, group orgies (yes, they are known to happen), drugs, and gallons of alcohol it’s good to know where you stand.
4. When you find amazing people hang on to them. That guy in your dorm may have the same family values, music taste, love for the Swedish language as you! Become his friend because only in college would you have the opportunity to meet such an eclectic individual. Sometimes our friends are the best teachers and cause us to become better human beings.
5. Remember that friends are the most invaluable support system present on campus. When a friend needs help see that they get it right away. For example, a friend couldn’t download a piece of the review before the final and emailed me for the review. I could tell, naturally, she was a bit nervous because the test was a few hours away. I understood how she must have felt and emailed her the review ASAP even though I was behind in studying myself. So remember others!
6. FINALLY…Keep your positive attitude at all times and sometimes “forget yourself” in the process. Give to others, smile, and keep on going even when you don’t feel like it.

So, what did YOU learn from your first semester?

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  1. Adey says:

    WoW! Brilliant image! Looks giant candles are lit inside…

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