ThatAfricanGirl: The 6-week project

So, I’ve stated earlier, we’re starting a 6-week project with the blog. It will be 6 weeks filled off commentaries, pictures, music, video, etc.

We’ve recently seen the rise of Afropolitan-ism (yeah, i’m not sure it’s a word either). Taiye Tuakli-Wosornu basically wrote about the so-called Afropolitans, giving us a word to express ideas and sentiments, and talk about those of us who were either born in African families, whether on the continent or not, and choose to engage it through various means. We are neither completely connected, nor completed detached. We question, we criticize, we uphold and we seek to learn. There’s so much buzz going around this…Afropolitanism, that we could no longer keep quiet. We had to add our 2 cents. So, we’re jumping on the social media bandwagon!

So, here’s what this project will be about…or not:

It will not be:

-direct news from Africa (because we don’t live there. We get our news via intermediaries, like people who live away from the continent, which means it’s undoubtely biased)

-all about Africa 24/7: We don’t know everything about the African continent, though we’re willing to learn

It will be:

-reactions, commentaries, poetry, music, rant, etc.

-related to African influences on the western world and vice versa, as we see it.

Our goal is to challenge ourselves to see how much we can learn about ourselves from the world we live in and from the people around us. Please subscribe and don’t be afraid to share your opinions. You’re part of the world around us, and therefore has something to contribute.

Through this project, we hope to encourage others to have the courage to express themselves as well.

Adey & Makafui

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3 Responses to ThatAfricanGirl: The 6-week project

  1. Paula says:

    I’m looking forward to this!!!

  2. That African Girl says:

    I’m glad, Paula. We will do our best. 😀

  3. Tchefor says:

    Looking forward to learning about afropolitics and other things :).

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