The wait is over

Hi readers,.

Sorry for the absence, but remember when i said  here that a surprise was on the way? Here it is!

Another African Girl has joined the team. Now, you get 2 opinions/rants/comments for the price of one.

I thought that we probably owe you a proper (re-) introduction, especially as we clarify our focus a little bit. We’re turning this blogging thing into a 6-week project, mostly because we’re seniors in college, and we have 6 weeks left of school as we scramble to find another identity to substitute the one we currently have, you know what I mean, transition from college to work, blah blah blah. This project will be a place to take our minds off things, vent about things and dream just a little, as well (hopefully) generate good conversations. If we like it, we’ll continue. If we end up hating it, we’ll chuck it and call it a social experiment (wannabe intellectuals that we are ).

So, here are our introductions. We go with 4 questions, and a picture (or 2).

1. What is your name?

Hi. My name is Makafui, which is an Ewe name meaning “I will praise God”. Like all good names, it has a story behind it.

2. What do you study?

I am a Policy Analysis and Management major, which means nothing to no one, except for the other 279 people in the major. It roughly translates to Public Policy. My interests lie in issues of Global Health, Social Justice, Women’s Health, Mass Communication and Behavior Change, Social Media and Education.

3. How do you express yourself?

Short stories and poetry are my choices of medium for self-expression. Music is also included, although i don’t sing or play instruments. For me, it’s about finding that perfect song that goes with exactly how you feel.

4. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by Music, Art, conversations, reading the Bible and watching performances (theatre, dance, etc)

5. Why does this picture represent you?


Just like this kite, i’m always reaching for higher ground in all aspects of my life, whether in terms of relationships in my life, my own achievements and my impact on the world around me. That means that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and i’m rarely satisfied, but it also means that I get excited about ideas, about potential and about possibilities.

6. final question:what will you be blogging about?

Look out for posts on music, film, art, fashion, politics, changemakers and whatever else catches my interest.


What is your name?

My name is Adey Teshome which sadly doesn’t have a cohesive meaning like “I will praise God” J. Each word does have a pretty interesting meaning in Amharic ( though! Adey is a beautiful yellow flower native to Ethiopia used as a symbol of spring and Easter. Teshome means he has been promoted or honored. Here’s a bit of Ethiopian cultural trivia—my last name is my father’s first name…and traditionally Ethiopian women retain their maiden name after marriage.

What do you study?
I’m a Biology & Society major, which a bit like Policy Analysis & Management, gets me weird looks of “WTF is that?”…Cornell has a knack for intriguing labels. It’s basically a blend of a biology track with any set of humanities. I’ve incorporated a Global Health theme into the major, representing my interests in international development and women’s health.

How do you express yourself?
Music, journaling and poetry are all intrinsic to my self expression. I love to sing and am an avid music-head, if that’s even a word. And I don’t make my own poetry (not yet anyway) but am most definitely live vicariously through spoken word (hooked on Def Poetry). And journaling is always a medium I go to when I’m struggling or just have something important to say.

What inspires you?
The strength of trailblazers and strong people before me be it from my own family or even just hopeful stories success, love and kindness I hear, artistic expression like spoken word and making music, the vision of success in my own life

Why does this picture inspire you?

Your browser may not support display of this image.liveyourlife.jpg

No explanation needed for this above

…although I guess I cheated a bit since it’s not an image J

Your browser may not support display of this image.

lady sings the blues.jpg

Billie Holiday’s beauty and passion just radiate from this image. It makes me want to pour myself in a song and feel the cathartic experience of release through music…

What will you be blogging about?

I’m really psyched about this blogging thing J…I told Mak I feel like joining some creative  social process unique to our 21st century generation. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about everything from global health stuff that moves me to poetry and music to my version of social critique.

Photo credits

Kite: via

Billie Holiday: via

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