Documentary: Kinshasa Symphony

Nowadays, mentions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo conjure up images of war and violence. One thing we tend to forget is that, in the midst of turmoil, life goes on. Kinshasa Symphony is a documentary by German filmmakers Claus Wishmann and Martin Baer. It showcases l’Orchestre Symphonique Kimbaguiste in Kinshasa, the capital of DRC and the third-largest city in Africa.  The documentary depicts the struggles of the musicians of the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa (the other 2 are in Ghana and Egypt).

Photo Credit: Kinshasa Symphony-The project

Amidst the harsh and complex realities of life in Kinshasa, they rehearse, they perform, they repair their musical instruments and make some from scratch. Many are self-taught and are passionate about their craft. The documentary follows a few of the musicians and record their everyday challenges. It’s about the power of music and people’s ability to survive and thrive in challenging places. Completed earlier this year, it premiered in Berlin last month. No words yet on when it will be shown in the States.


Photo Credit: Kinshasa Symphony Poster

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