I want to watch: Desert Flower

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6 Responses to I want to watch: Desert Flower

  1. thatabeshagirl says:

    I saw this trailer quite awhile back and have been wanting to see it ever since!!! We really need to get on all these independent films we want to see 🙂 Once we get out of Ithaca that is…

    • That African Girl says:

      Yes, rendez-vous in DC or NYC…but you know, Ithaca is a progressive enough place, that it would be shown here, before being shown on bigger platforms.

  2. thatabeshagirl says:

    You are so very right…I must stop down-playing our lovely (albeit little) town. I keep on assuming that these works of arts hit the cultural centers first, forgetting that small towns can be cultural centers as well…bam!

  3. tchefor says:

    is it out yet? would love to watch

  4. That African Girl says:

    I don’t think it has come out in the U.S yet, even though it was released last year.

  5. tchefor says:

    hmm 😦

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