The 6-word story

photo credit: winter peach

Since Hemingway wrote his 6-word story “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn”, he has inspired a whole trend of 6-word stories.

I got wind of this, this past week via a thread on the TED linkedin group: How would you describe yourself using only 6 words. Quite a challenge. People responded with 28 pages (and counting) worth of comments. It’s amazing what you can tell about a person from their 6-words.  Here are some responses:

“Global: imported, expensive, artificial. No thanks!”

“I awaken possibilities in sleepy caterpillars.”

“I am a story well told.”

“Alone I cannot Together we can”

“love and growth hurt. so good”

“Be good enough to enjoy it.”

“Six?! I only need five.”

McGill University even has a whole website dedicated to telling stories titled with 6 words. The alumni stories posted are powerful and intriguing. Check it out here.

Now, your turn. If asked to tell your story in 6 words, what would you say?

To start it off, I would say “Awakened by inspiration. Strengthened by experience”

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7 Responses to The 6-word story

  1. tchefor says:

    ladder’s next step is physics phd

  2. That African Girl says:

    Not necessarily. i figured that people usually string words together that means something to them. Though it’s fun to speculate, getting the ‘story behind the story’ is like looking through a small window into someone’s thoughts. Too deep?

    • tchefor says:

      haha, living this life is like scaling a ladder of uneven rungs (metaphor pipo). Up and down you go on the ladder of life (confusing I know). One of the rungs on my ladder is PhD in Physics. Dreams and aspiration of becoming a PhD being fufilled and I am thankful. So the 6-words that would describe me at this moment has phd written all over it. But you can tell immediately from my 6-words that there is more …
      For starters, it only took a month to respond 😦 … it is all good 🙂

  3. That African Girl says:

    Cool! I can definitely see your point about the “ladder of uneven rungs”. You can be going forward when it comes to certain things, and going backwards in others.

  4. tchefor says:

    indeed … well said.

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