Sharing a Few Mental Notes…

Life is frazzling and overwhelming for many of us right now…college seniors trying to gather ourselves before taking the next step. It’s what they call a “pivotal moment”. I’m just trying to get out unscathed. So I’ll second Mak’s comment a few posts ago describing us as bad bloggers–well, maybe not bad but busy and (pre)occupied. Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share in the past few weeks, previously filed away as mental notes until I could add a post.

The first is a brilliant K’naan interview with QTV, a Canadian public radio network I’ve come to really admire and rely on for in-depth interviews with an eclectic mix of artistic, creative people. I quickly posted this a little while ago but it bears repeating.

This interview is right up there with some of Jian Gomeshi’s best. His questions are probing yet respectful while still satisfying the curiosity of fans interested in the interviewee’s life and deep creative process. It’s was pretty cool to see K’naan off the stage & outside a music video, in a serious & reflective interview of this length. He’s got this grace and accumulated life experience that never fails to impress me. And who knew [spoiler alert], the man has two kids?! But let me tell you– my K’naan crush? Not fazed!

Music is integral to my life and therefore to any blog that’s supposed to reflect my life/personality/interests/aura/[insert other synonyms]. Heard this song a few weeks back and it’s stuck with me:

And found this video below when searching for “A Little Better”… I think the best way to describe it somewhere between poignant, gross, hilarious, touching and perfectly honest. Definitely added it to my favorites.

A few others in my brain’s soundtrack:


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New to the world of blogging and excited to get started -- student/opportunity seeker/lover/singer/writer/sister/daughter/friend/music-head (my new word) -- and apparently now a blogger -- much more...
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One Response to Sharing a Few Mental Notes…

  1. That African Girl says:

    I see you can post vids now. Thank you for sharing a little bit from your music repertoire. Guys and guitars, *sigh*…you know. Yeah, I’ve been having a tough time with these days, too. So much to do, so much to wrap up, while taking the time out to reflect.

    Glad i’m not going at it alone.

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