The end of the 6-week project

So…we have reached the end of our 6-week project. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it ended quite a while ago, but turns out that Adey and I are really bad at keeping track of things, including dates on calendars. It’s a wonder we’ve managed to turn in assignments on time, these past 4 years. So, I’m officially turning  in my”closure” post.

So, like good students, we’re always thinking about what we learned from things. So, have I learned?

– We are both Pop Culture junkies! Seriously, we would lose days on youtube and vimeo. Music, Art, Film…you name it, one of us is probably taking a mental note.

– Afropolitanism is real! It’s the joy of finding out about upcoming writers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, activists of African descent operating from all the four corners of the world. It’s about asking questions about how we fit into this world, about what roles we play when it comes to things happening in Africa, and most importantly, realizing that we are neither the first nor the last to ask these questions.

– Thoughts of the “real world” can cause one to go into a state of fear and anxiety. The transition period between “college student” and “professional” is a time of identity re-assessment and reconstruction. It’s exciting, it’s nerve-wrecking, it’s awkward…and it’s normal.

– Blogging is a great procrastinating tool 😀

So, what now? We’ll keep writing not only because we enjoy it, but because we keep meeting people who say that they enjoy the way we put ideas on paper…err…on screen. We keep having conversations along the lines of ..”can you guys talk about this or that?” Yes and yes! If we don’t know anything about it, we’ll get someone who knows about it to write. It’s also been great hearing from people who have already been in our shoes, as graduating seniors who say “hey, I’ve been there. You’ll be fine!” So, keep giving us ideas, keep giving us feedback and thank you for reading!

And in true form, since this is Saturday Afternoon….you know what’s coming

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One Response to The end of the 6-week project

  1. Tchefor says:

    twas good.
    I enjoyed quite a few of the posts.

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