Project Highlight: Playing for Change

One of the cool things about worldwide events like the World Cup and the Olympics, is the feeling of ‘togetherness’. It’s an enhanced awareness of the Human Family that we are all a part of. It’s in that spirit that I feature this project: Playing for Change.


The W’s: When? Who? What? Where? Why? What Now?

2004. 2 producers/filmmakers (Mark Johnson, Enzo Buono). With the idea that Music can connect people and break down social, political, religious, etc barriers. Starting from California to around the world, including Columbia, South Africa, Ghana, Ireland, Israel. The cool thing is that the musicians are not being recorded in studios. The equipment is taken outside to meet the performers wherever they may be: on their front steps, in the middle of a field, at a public gathering.

A documentary, recorded materials, a foundation that builds music schools for children and a North American Tour later,  PFC is still leaving in its mark on the world. More than the music, it’s their social media presence that unites people from different continents.

Check out their Youtube Channel, join their Facebook Page and keep up with them on Twitter.

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