Seun Adebiyi: Living to Make History

It was Seun’s story that got people on campus this past semester, talking seriously about cancer and becoming a potential bone marrow donor. So, when the Bone Marrow Foundation came to campus, people headed inside, swabbed cheeks and filled out the necessary paperwork.

Name: Seun Adebiyi

Age: 27

Country: Nigeria/U.S

Medium: Sports (Sledding, Swimming)

Cause: Increasing the diversity among bone-marrow donors


Does the thought of a Nigerian bob sledder in the 2014 winter olympics get you thinking about the movie Cool Runnings? Well, this is real life. Seun, the lawyer-slash-hopeful Olympian is hoping to be the first Nigerian delegate to the 2014 Olympics. not bob sledding however. He will be toboganning (yes, that’s a word!). The sport is the Skeleton.

2 severe forms of cancer almost took him out of the game (no pun intended). He didn’t just go through his trials by himself. He connected to the plight of the large number of cancer patients of color without a match and sought to recruit 10,000 new bone marrow donors to increase the diversity of the national pool. With a lot of effort including Rihanna’s help, Seun found a match and is currently training for the Olympics. You can check out his blog here.

To find out more about Seun and his cause

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