First Impressions: The Dancer

It’s amazing how it’s the first encounters that stick with you. Some are the beginning of long chapters in your book. Some are only short excerpts that never get fully developed.


The first time we met, it was dark outside. It was an ice cream and dance party. Well…it was mostly an ice cream party. People went to get their ice cream and stood around awkwardly, as the music kept calling them to the center of the place. It was so dark, that when I heard “Wanna dance?” It took me a while to see where the voice was coming from.

We moved to the middle of the square and started dancing along with the beats pulsating from the speakers and like the images projected on the screens around us. “I hate that people don’t wanna dance”, she shouted in my ear. She proceeded to tell me that she LOVED dancing and I found out that she was a chemistry major…or was it pre-med? We danced until it started to rain and the party started to scatter.

I would see her again later that week at another party. and at other parties. We would always try to see who could out-last the other one on the dance floor. She always won. Sweaty forehead, but with a look on her face that said that she was concentrating hard. that she really did LOVE dancing.

She would eventually switch her major to DANCE. I believe that she loved what she studied.

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