In Search for Cayuga Lake

What’s the first thing to do when trying to get to a place where you’ve never been before? Some people might say, call a friend who’s been. Others might say, get the address and Google Map it. Last weekend, we decided to head to Cayuga Lake. It was a mild summer day. One that called for adventure. Google Maps informed us that the lake was 9 hours away, on foot. We were convinced that it was wrong, and decided to just ‘ hit the road’ and figure it out along the way.

It seemed easy enough. We would just walk until we hit water. Our first attempt led us to the edge of town. We retraced our steps and took another path. We ended up near the highway. It didn’t seem like a lake would be anywhere near a highway. We walked back and ended up getting lost in the cul-de-sacs of Ithaca, admiring the houses in Ithaca, like the one at the top. All of them are so unique. I was so used to the uniform design, structure and color of houses in Suburban America. The houses in Ithaca were all different, in shape, size, color. The best way, to describe them is that, they had character.

After an hour or so, we finally asked for directions and found our way…across a highway, across railroad tracks and a long hike. We ended up near a body of water, we presumed was Cayuga Lake.

We spent the time observing people in their boats and kayaks, watching ducks and dreaming about the day we’ll go sailing or yachting…or anything that involves driving on water.

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