The 3 at your dinner table

Let’s say, you had the chance to invite 3 people to dine with you. All the food and location have been taken care. All you have to do is call up these 3 people. And let’s say, Jesus and Mother Thereza are busy having dinner with President Obama , Aung San Suu Kyi and Oprah.

I thought about so many people and finally whittled it down to these 3:

John G. Rives

I love the way he twists words into imagery, taking his audience on a journey from beginning to end [and here’s where I confess my longstanding crush on the guy].  He’s someone I would never worry about not being able to use “big” words around. I’m sure that by the end of the dinner I would have learned a thing or two about Philosophy or Art or Ancient Greek or…Paper Engineering.

Derrick Ashong

He’s sort of like the brother I haven’t met (yet). I love his drive, his eloquence and the confidence he has to pursue his dreams, which have a lot to do with bringing people together. Plus, he could talk at the dinner about being  a host on Oprah Radio and why he considers himself a renaissance man.


I’ve been hooked on his voice, since I first listened to a DC Talk C.D. I love his energy and passion for sharing the word of God with thousands of people. I love that it’s impossible to sit down at any of his concerts. I can see him telling stories about what it means to be a Christian in the music industry and sharing about his spiritual journey.

So, these men probably have very little in common, except for their command of the spoken word but, I can picture dinner full of discussions, listening and laughter by the time we reach dessert.

Who would be the 3 at your dinner table?

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