The Dinner—Adey

Sigh. I’ve been for various reasons struggling with blogging regularly with my dear Mak. I love her & this site dearly so it sucks that I haven’t had my life together enough to commit as I’ve wanted to. But, I’ll try to take a step in the right direction today 🙂

So. The question of the day is: If you could have a delicious all expenses paid dinner with anyone in the world/history, who would it be? Watching me fret with the pressure of picking the right people from the dozens of important folk I admire or love, Mak told me: “It doesn’t have to be THE dinner, Adey. Just a dinner.” …LOL. So I’ll pretend that I will have other opportunities to pick such a special event and just go with my gut instincts on this one.

Here there are not necessarily in order of importance:

Pick #1) My Maternal Grandfather

This grandfather passed when I was three. I think if I could go through time and pick out a meaningful person to spend some time with, he would definitely be on that list. I know a few facts about him, those important things my mother wants to impart—he was a lawyer. Although I have a feeling my mom was referencing his informal weight and influence as an elder in our Bedele neighborhood rather than any formal training. He was calm, stern and no-nonsense. I would love to sit with him and ask him all kinds of things—ask him about the growth of our family tree, how he asked for my grandmother’s hand in marriage and what my mom was like as a child. I would learn his mannerisms and look for my mother, my aunts and myself in his face. I really would just like the chance to know him.

Pick #2) My Paternal Grandfather

I might know less about this grandfather but those few things have always intrigued me. He was a farmer with quite a bit of prosperous land. Hearing stories throughout my childhood about how beautiful our family’s property was back in the day, about my grandfather’s pride in it, have instilled vivid images in my mind. By far the coolest thing I know about my grandfather is that he lived to the ripe old age of 107! And yes, there’s familial contention about the accuracy of that number but I think anywhere near that number is impressive. Imagine how many stories, historical tidbits and life experience that translates into? I would love to share in that while breaking bread with him.

Pick #3) Kenna!


Kenna is an Ethiopian-American musical artist and producer that I’m totally infatuated with right now. Yes, I will totally own up to it. If Kenna ever comes across these words in the blogosphere, I hope he’ll know how to find me 😉 And I know this last guest probably seems like the odd one out but trust it’s not just because of the musical crush. The video below in which he explains more about his commitment to the global issue of clean water was really inspiring. That moment when he realized how much the issue meant to him because of his father’s childhood experiences…you’ll have to watch it to see what I mean. I can see that this is a guy who values family history and how our past informs our presents.

Two Ethiopian-Americans sitting down with two links to our country’s past—now that’s a dinner I’d enjoy. And yes, it would be the most indulgent Ethiopian feast ever.

The End.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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