The Chronicles of the African Childhood

I thought I’d give this a proper preface.

What do you call an Asian person growing up in the United States? An Asian-American. What about an Australian growing up in the U.S? An Australian-American. What about an African person growing up in the U.S? An African-American? I’m not so sure.

Let’s leave semantics to the side for one moment. Since people started immigrating to the United States, they’ve had stories to tell. Stories of the life prior to the journey, stories of the journey and stories of their lives after the journey. What I find most fascinating are the stories of the children. Confronted with a new reality, they often grow up with unique stories of blending both cultures, both identities and both perspectives.

It’s in the spirit of capturing some of these stories that we bring you, The Chronicles of the African Childhood…or “Growing Up African: A collection of stories” (I wasn’t really sure which title to keep).
Some people are first-generation African and consider themselves both African and American. Some are “half-generation, born somewhere else, growing up somewhere else. Some consider themselves simply African.

Despite these differences, their stories are as unique as they are similar, full of hope, sadness, laughter, reflection and everything in between.

Let’s get started.

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