Summer Music Playlist, part I

It seems like it would never end, but the end of summer is fast approaching. College students have already gone back and their younger counterparts are heading back this week. I found about about the Summer Mix Series via the newest episode of EPIC FU. People compiled their list of what Summer 2010 sounded like to them and sharedthem. You can listen to the songs and download various mixes. I started to compile my own list to celebrate the end of summer, but the list got so long, I’m gonna have to do part 1 and 2. So, here we go, part 1. (Artist- Song)

1. Tinashe- Zambezi

2. Bruno Mars- Count on Me

3. Train- Hey, Soul Sister

4. Zaho- C’est Chelou

5. John Mamann- Donnez moi le sens

6. Sauti Sol- Blue Uniform

7. B. Reith- Awe Struck

8. Skee Lo- I wish

9. A.J Rafael- Showstopper

10. Freshlyground Live- Ma’ Cheri

11. Ty Bello- Greenland

12. Gorrillaz- White Flag

It was so hard to pare it down to 12 :), part 2 coming soon. Btw, i’m always on the lookout for new music, so if there’s a band/artist that you really like and want to share, put it in the comments below. Please and thank you.

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