NLI’s Notes2Note

Remember when I started the “You Should Know” series? No? Well, quite a while ago, I wanted to start a section featuring  the heavyweights of the African continent, the who’s who, the people your parents talk about, whether they be trailblazing political leaders, activist musicians, philosophers, etc. Well, I only got one post down so far. And then, I saw Notes2Note, a series of animated shorts (PSA-like) highlighting the founding fathers of Nigeria, featured on the Naira, narrated by various artists and actors. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Maybe, it’ll inspire me to add more to the “You Should Know” series 🙂

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2 Responses to NLI’s Notes2Note

  1. thenublack says:

    I’ve recently started looking at currency design so I love these videos! The animations and execution are fantastic.

  2. That African Girl says:

    Aren’t they? They do a couple of things: they introduce you to new artists you might not be familiar with, they give you a short history lesson and give you a sense of pride in African ancestors (even if you’re not Nigerian). I’d love to see this project expanded to cover more forefathers (and mothers) of African history.

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