A (slightly exaggerated) cooking session with my mother

Name: Makafui F.

Country of Origin: Togo

If you’re one of those people who have grown up knowing how to cook  and you just love doing it, feel free to laugh at me. Really, go ahead. If you can relate, however, let me know.

Me: Mom,  Guess what? I’m going to make the stew today!

Mom: Really? Good! Look at my daughter, all grown up. Okay, go ahead.

Ten minutes pass. I’m in the kitchen doing my thing, with the music on. My mom walks in.

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: I’m chopping up the onions.

Mom: You washed them first, right?

Me: Yes.

Mom: You know… when I do it, I like to cut them into strips. It helps it brown faster…and melt faster

She goes into the living room and I try to turn chopped onions into ‘julienned’ onions.  20 minutes pass and my mother walks back into the kitchen…to get a glass of water.

Mom: Are you adding the ginger and the cloves?

Me: Yes

Mom: Okay, good…Just that when I do it, I usually do it before adding the Maggi cubes. You’ve already added the Maggi cubes?

Me: No, not yet.

Mom: Good…good.

She gets her glass of water and walks back to her Oprah show. 20 minutes pass again. I walk into the living room.

Me: Mom. the stew’s ready. I’m preparing you a bit with the rice, so you can try it.

Mom: Good

She takes a few bites

Me: So, how is it? Do you like it?

Mom: Yes, it’s good…And it’ll be even better next time.

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