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Ladies and Gents,

Today marks the end of Part 1 in the Chronicles of the African Childhood. For someone who loves open-ended things, making this decision actually required effort. Thank you, Jefferson for jumpstarting the conversation. Thank you for everyone who sent me their stories or got me in touch with other people who were willing to participate. Finally, thank you to everyone who checked in everyday to read stories and leave us great comments! Thank you!

I learned a few things that I will share below:

1. I have a confession. Okay, it’s not a real confession but more like, an admission. I have INFP tendencies. One part of what that means is that I like when things are flexible. Deadlines drive me crazy. Other people work better under stress, I rebel against it. So, when it comes to giving other people structure (a deadline), I rebel against doing so. But I learned that I need to set a clear start date and a clear end date for things. Part 2 will have a clear start date and a clear end date. And, people who haven’t submitted their stories yet will get a notice well in advance (I’m thinking 2 weeks in advance).

2. Usually, our circumstances or events that are the most important thing. It’s the way we interpret them that makes all the difference. A lot of entries in the series dealt with being disciplined. I’m sure the way various people talked about that part of growing up in an African household (with hindsight  20/20 goggles on) isn’t the same way they thought whilst going through it.

3. Writing various pieces and getting to read your stories for the series got me to see my family and their contribution in my life in a new light. Hope it gave you the chance to do the same.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you keep reading, commenting and sharing your own stories.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program here.

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