Gone till November

The first time I heard this song, it was way past midnight. I was sitting on the floor, trying to grapple with a loss. How long would the grief last? No one had answers. For some reason, I felt a little bit better, mouthing the words, “I’ll  be gone till November, I’ll be gone till November…” I like the idea of mourning properly, grieving properly, as well as celebrating properly. By properly, I mean, giving the occasion the time needed to digest it fully.

And to think this is a light post (I promise!) I’ve taken a few steps back from the blogosphere because…well, because I have a job now! A “grown-up” type job. *cue the angels with the harps* So that means that,  when I usually come home, I’m drained and quite uninspired to write. So, I’m taking some time away to reconfigure, to get re-inspired and re-energized.

I’ll be back in a few days buzzing with ideas and thoughts about the twenty-something life, social entrepreneurship, music, Africa, writing and whatever else I come across.

Until then, I’m putting up the proverbial “Gone Fishing” sign and I’m walking out the back door.

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