My Thursday Night Delight

Hi people,

How are you spending your Thursday nights? These days, Thursdays are more exciting for me than they’ve ever been. Not only because it means the end of the week is near/here (STBF: Soon To Be Friday), but also because it’s when The Apprentice comes on. You know, the show where Donald Trump coined “You’re Fired!”. I’ve never actually seen a whole season of the show, but this season is interesting to me for various reasons.

The theme of this season deals with the current recession, so they have different people from different backgrounds who have been..uh…economically shifted from their previous trajectory. What happens when you put a recent graduate in a same room as a business contractor, a retired member of the military and a lawyer? Hilarity (sometimes) ensues.

If like me, you’re interested in group dynamics, this is gold! What makes a good leader? How do you make decisions? What makes a good decision? What’s a good political vs. business strategy? How are people motivated to achieve? Do the same methods work for women as well as men?  Does appearance matter?  So many good questions and case studies.

If you haven’t started watching, catch up on Hulu and start tuning in.

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