Today is….


Hi people,

It’s 10.10.10!

I stayed awake long enough to see it. I feel like it’s  New Year’s Eve and the ball just dropped. The New Year’s eve music is playing in my head right now. So giddy!

I get excited on days like this. There’s no reason to get all excited and hyped, but I still do. Something just feels different about the day. By all the powers vested in me, I decree it  a special day!  Some people will be getting married. How will you be celebrating? Go do something special!

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2 Responses to Today is….

  1. Laura says:

    Can you believe I didn’t realize this until the day was half way over? Pretty awesome! Anything extraordinary happen?

    • That African Girl says:

      Hi Laura,
      Did you celebrate it when you realized it? Nothing extraordinary happened on my end, but I did have some cake. Any time there’s a cake, that’s a celebration for me :D.

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