10.10.10, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving

Hi people,

So…did you celebrate 10.10.10 Perfect Ten? I did…with cake. I ended up at my aunt’s house where the cake disappeared in 30 minutes, ha! Alpha Blondy, Awilo Longomba and Papa Wemba were all present at this celebration. Okay, fine. Just their music. But it was like they were there…which I guess would have been creepy if they actually were. I digress. Leave a word in the comments section if you celebrated.








Columbus Day. There is a question in my head every year, after having connected the man from (my ESOL) history books to present day reality: To celebrate or not to celebrate? There was usually a rally on the quad, every year on this day. When people get a day off, are they celebrating the memory of a culture decimater? What about American Thanksgiving?  My ESOL teacher talked about the Puritans celebrating after having made it in the New World through that brutal first winter with the help of their new Native American friends. Was that the whole truth? Both sides don’t see it the same way.

Andrea from Fly posted this video today about Columbus Day.


I don’t think most people celebrating either holiday are thinking very much about the cultural ramifications of their decisions. Columbus Day is a day off, a chance to sleep perhaps or run those errands you’ve meaning to do. Thanksgiving for most is a time for families to see each other once again, wear stretchy pants, eat lots of food while pushing the Pause Button on “the getting” to be thankful for what is already gotten. Oh yeah, and for many people, it also means  Football and standing in line all night to get more stuff. Does that make the emotions of those who are negatively affected about the events surrounding these 2 holidays any less important and justified? Absolutely not. The two will just continue to uncomfortably co-exist…like many things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians!

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