You say Goodbye, I say Hello

It’s been a while since I actually wrote something. I would come up
with an idea in the morning, but by the evening, it would sound
crappy. I don’t know how that happens. During the day, ideas are
floating in my head with words and images, but by
evening, as I sit to write them down, I can only hear
“crap!”, “sounds too forced”, “inauthentic”, “generic”. And the
voices are often so loud that, even before I start to write, my mind
resigns. Does that mean I’m a morning person and not a night owl like
I previously thought? Man, that would mean changing a few things in my
routine. Like actually writing during the time instead of at night.

My brilliant mind didn’t think about this, at first. I just thought
that I lost the ability to write.  So, I decided to stop entirely. So, I
made the blog private (sorry about that). You didn’t miss anything
though. I just didn’t write, and I didn’t want people to go there,
expecting something and not seeing anything new. But then, I realized
that when you stop writing, a weird thing happens. It’s like the
dancer who decides one day to stop dancing. Sooner or later, he will
find himself doing the 1-2 step (or is it a do-si-do?)  in the grocery checkout line. Or the
former singer who finds herself belting a tune in front of a mirror
into her hairbrush. One day, when you stop writing, you’ll find
yourself writing small notes here there, “wasting” napkin after napkin
with those words that just won’t stay in your head.

So, feeling uninspired, I reached out to a few friends asking them
about what they would like to see me write about. Oh man, ask and ye
shall receive. It was fun getting them to talk about what they care
about and see what they’re currently thinking about. So, be prepared
for some pretty interesting stories, narrated by yours truly.

To old friends, I say “hello!”, to new readers, I say “Welcome!” or
“Bienvenue” or “Akwaba” or “Weizon”, whichever feels more natural to


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