2 Things this past few weeks

I’ve always been a late adopter. It’s always felt a bit wrong to like things that the whole world seems to like. I really don’t know why. So, I’ve yet to watch Ironman (the first and the second), Avatar (I know!!), Harry Potter and many other things. So, I finally caught up with 2 things for which the hype has died down a long time ago.

1. John Legend’s Get Lifted
via Amazon

Yes, it’s his debut album. Yes, it came out ages ago. I kinda liked John Legend before, but it always felt it was something music snobs would listen to, talking about how ‘good music was made back in the day’. Man, I was wrong. I really, really, liked it. The album was so good, I replayed it many more times than I play many albums. My favorite track was “Number One” with Kanye West. The beat is upbeat though the words are saying something else. Check out a live performance. I like!

2. Will Smith’s 7 pounds

I’ve watched very few films lately that messed with my head. Okay, fine, I’ve watched very few films, lately. But, this movie did. Is Will Smith’s character an IRS agent or an insurance agent? Why is the film moving back and forth? What’s now, what was then? I grew impatient in the middle of it and cheated: I read the Wikipedia entry for it. And then, things made way more sense. I was able to relax and brace myself for the end, which instead of reducing me to tears just knocked the breath out of me. But, just a few notes:

– When Will Smith does Emo, he does Emo.

-Although everything was disjointed and made no sense till the end, I realized that it was similar to life itself. What if you could read the wikipedia entry of your life? Would it make you feel better or worse? One thing for sure, some of the details in your life would make infinitely more sense.

All I wanted to do, after the film was over, was to call a friend and go over every poignant moment and every scene. But it was late, and I’m sure I  was only catching up to what the world has experienced ages ago. All in all, I liked it!
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