The trouble with Labeling

Oh, man.

I feel like I have to apologize. So, umm…here we go. Despite the name, this blog is not about Africa. I’m very sorry if you came up on it, because you were looking for a blog solely about Africa. Although I grew up in Africa, I no longer live there. To front and say that it is would a lie and a mis-representation.

I’m sorry if you thought this blog would solely be about Social Justice. I’m very interested in issues within Social Justice, but that’s not what every post is about.

It’s about life through this girl’s eyes. A girl with an African background, a background she finds that has a great impact on how she sees the world.

It’s about growing up. developing a voice and marveling at the genius, the wonderful, the brilliant, the sad, the complex and the confusing in the world.

My sincere apologies if you’ve felt mislead.

That African Girl

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2 Responses to The trouble with Labeling

  1. Andrea says:

    Something I said?????

    To put my comment in context – I did a search on African blogs, and found Pembazuka News, which rates your blog . At the time I just checked out the one post. Sorry, was tired at the time and didn’t read further to know your whole ‘context’. Either way I didn’t come with expectation, was just looking for an interesting perspective.

    Anyway, does it matter? Even if people pick up a book cos they are interested in the cover, it doesn’t mean they put it down because it was differernt to what they expect.

  2. That African Girl says:

    Hey Andrea,

    Don’t worry about it. The post wasn’t based on what you said. It was just coming from a conversation I had off-line with a couple of people, as they were trying to understand what the blog was about.

    Good analogy about the book and its cover. I never thought of it that way.

    Long story short, nice to meet you!

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