This week, I found:

Alligator Legs– the blog that has already become a great source of inspiration for me. She’s pretty cool.

Fueled By Ramen– the independent record labels with well-known bands like Paramore, Panic! At the Disco and Gym Class heroes. Currently digging the sound of the newcomer band to the label, fun.

Hunch– Back in college, friends were great sounding boards for film/movie/website suggestions. Now, Hunch does that for me. Suggestions for everything from food to careers to trips to technology…and a good timewaster.

Awesome Tapes from Africa– what your parents, aunties and uncles were listening to, back in the day.

Wikipedia’s List of common misconceptions– be prepared to have the wool pulled from your eyes (that’s the opposite of having the ‘wool pulled over your eyes’, right?)

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3 Responses to This week, I found:

  1. thanks for the shout out! i love making new blog friends. dig yours too, by the way. and thanks much for the heads up on awesome tapes from africa…have a feeling i’ll be spending some time poking around. šŸ™‚

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