Let’s get personal

It seems like everybody’s sick at my house these days. We’re all losing our voices, dragging ourselves across the house with our aching muscles and popping cough drops like nobody’s business. Fun.

I came across a very popular youtube post (?), called the Boyfriend Tag. Girls ask their boyfriends/husbands/fiancees questions about themselves. I found many of them quite interesting, and then I saw these young ladies do their own post.

So, I decided to answer the questions. about myself. oh, the narcissism. haha. Let’s get personal for a minute.

1. The TV’s on. What am I watching?

It’s either Martin, Living Single or It’s a Different World. On the weekend, probably episodes of What Not To Wear or How Do I Look?

2. What food do I hate?

I’m not a fan of cauliflower, or anything overly salty or sweet…unless it’s candy.

3. What food would I not mind eating every single day?

Easy. Plantains. There’s so many ways to fix it and different dishes to eat it with. Plus, they’re sweet.

4. We’re at a restaurant. What type of beverage will I order?

Sprite. Always Sprite. Unless it’s Sierra Mist.

5. How do I feel about sports?

See post about futball/soccer. When it comes to the “almosts” in my life, I almost joined the wrestling team at one of my high schools and the track team at another high school.

6. Any unique talents?

I don’t think it’s that unique, but I’m a pretty okay storyteller. I enjoy coming up with stories on the spot and I used to enjoy taking part in poetry slams. So, basically, public speaking.

7. What would I collect, if anything?

Shoes. Bags. Rings. Office Supplies.

8. Favorite cereal?

Honey Nut Cheerios. When we first moved to the States, it was one of the few things we could afford. It would make some people hate it. I developed a sweet spot in my heart for it.

9. What type of cake would I get for my birthday?

Anything with the chocolate/peanut butter combo is good in my book.

10. What can I spend hours doing?

Reading blogs. Watching TED videos. Watching Def Poetry Jam videos. Digging up old ’90s music videos from Youtube.


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