This week, I found:

So, it turns out that I’m only able to be super-organized or on schedule, when there’s someone I’m afraid of disappointing. I could attribute it to my African upbringing where you were “physically reminded” to follow the rules or I could simply admit that I’m naturally a people-pleaser. But, I’m glad there’s no one to kick my butt when the blog doesn’t get updated frequently (though I might need it sometimes). Of course, it means posting is sporadic, but when I get around to it, it’s what I find to be good stuff.

Now, on to the main event. This week, I found: Let’s say you want to watch a movie set in Africa. But not just any movie. You want a contemporary movie that’s also funny, because heavens knows there are plenty of depressing movies about the continent. This website will give you the well-known features like Madagascar, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Coming to America. But, it’ll also suggest movies like Sahara, Life Partner and White Wedding. Movie Night will never be the same.

Afrofusion Lounge– It’s about the past. It’s about the present. It’s about the future. It’s all about the African diaspora. Just a quick visit got me learning or re-learning about places and people and things. Basically, I love it.

Storycorps– I’m a fan of stories. Wild stories. Imagined stories. Real stories. especially when they’re animated.

Al Jazeera’s Playlist series– (re-discovered) All about musical fusion. The show that introduced me to Freshly Ground and Alex Cuba.

shatterbox: I love the people that they showcase. I find their stories quite inspiring and I can connect with many of them.

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5 Responses to This week, I found:

  1. Andrea says:

    cool. nice links. thanks.

  2. Andrea says:

    p.s especially the aljazeera music mix.

  3. Thanks for checking out our blog, and for mentioning it on your site! I really appreciate it! Nice blog you got here too!

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