Blogger interviews intro


I hopen that everyone’s week is winding down well. Here’s the intro for a new series here. It’s true that the first place most people head to, after browsing around on a blog, is the About Me page. It makes us feel connected and makes the writing come more alive when you can put a face or a personality to the writing.

I recently reached out to some bloggers that I really admire and asked them to answer a few questions, to give us a picture about the person behind the words. I’m so excited to feature the first person: the author of the blog Alligator Legs.

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

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3 Responses to Blogger interviews intro

  1. Akhila says:

    This sounds awesome. I’ve been wanting to do something similar for my own blog, so, to start things off I’d love to invite *you* to write or be interviewed for my blog! I love reading your posts and would enjoy featuring you and your blog. If you are at all interested, please let me know 🙂

  2. That African Girl says:

    Akhila, I’d love to!

  3. This is a great Idea, and love the interviews! Its had me checking out everyone’s blog that’s involved so far. Keep it up 😉 great space here….

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