The Friday Update

Happy (as much as it could be) Monday to you all,

Remember when I talked about how awesome “Effective Immediately” was? I just finished going through the whole book. Seriously, any time a young person in your life starts their first job, you should either recommend it to them or go buy a copy for them. I borrowed it from the library and I might just go buy a copy for myself.
I recently incorporated one thing the book talked about into my routine: writing my supervisor a Friday Update.

Excerpt: “The Friday Update is a succint e-mail in bullet-point format, designed to get your boss up to speed– fast”. Here are the things to include in it:
1. Your accomplishments that week
2. Challenges/stumbling blocks (areas where you need direction/input)
3. Noteworthy opportunities, suggestions, insights
issues that need your boss’s input/approval
4. Your schedule and goals for the upcoming week
The trouble with this exercise, of course, is keeping it up. I started doing it about a month ago and I only missed one week. My supervisor already commended me for doing them. She talked about the fact that she doesn’t always remember what I’m working on and that it’s a good way to keep her up to speed on how things are going. The best thing is that it keeps me motivated and accountable. When you let someone know what your upcoming schedule and goals are, it’s hard to go off track.

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