Linking Ghana to the Superbowl

Every time a child does great, there are many to claim him. Which is normal, because it takes a proverbial village to raise a child. Or at least, our environment (both physical and social) has an impact on us. I love success stories. This is the story of Charlie Pepprah, more specifically about him and his family, their journey from Ghana to the Superbowl. His accomplishments put the words “Ghana” and “Superbowl” in the same sentence. It’s the story I read yesterday. It’s the story that made my mother tear up yesterday. It’s the New York Times story I’d like to share with you today. Click on the picture and check  it out if you haven’t read it already.

Success does come, even though the road it takes to get there is often long and treacherous and seems everlasting.

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