Thank You!

Thank you *

Image by rustman via Flickr

You want to know what my favorite part of the day is? Opening my inbox and finding e-mails from you. I’m all ooh, good (non-duty) e-mail, fun! I’ve been enjoying hearing about your days and your adventures. Thank you for telling me about your Valentine’s day, both  the Win and Fail moments. I think sharing our stories can make us feel like we’re not doing this by our lonesome selves.

By the way, (completely un-related point), did you happen to use Mapquest any time yesterday? One of the categories they had was “Best places to break up with someone”. Of course, that came up at dinner last night. We started talking about how artists approach the subject and we spent quite a bit of time talking about catchy break-up songs. My friends suggested that I write a post about my top 10 or top 20 Catchy Break-up songs. I told them I’d do it. So, that’s something to look forward to.

Hope Valentine’s Day (or Día de la Amistad) ushered in a great week for you.

P.S. Check out how Valentine’s Day  is celebrated in other parts of the world.

My favorite is the Japanese’s custom of White Day, where the men are expected to give the women a present that is 2 or 3 times the value of the gift they receive. I’d be the one to give someone a $50 gift card every year for Valentine’s Day…What? Don’t act like you didn’t think about it too.

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