This week, I found:

Man, am I glad this week is over. The temperature has risen considerably, but there was so much to do, I barely stayed outside long enough to enjoy it. New goal: slow down to enjoy things more. Here’s what I found this week:

This video explains it all: Great Britain? England? United Kingdom? I know the difference now

-The show “Cook Yourself Thin” on Hulu- I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before. It really should be called “Cook Yourself Healthier”. I love the substitution for healthier options. My only thing is that it then takes a little longer to cook. Reach for pre-cooked french fries or take the time to slice sweet potatoes and bake them with chili pepper? Hmm….

– This 80’s-tastic rap video I found randomly while searching for something else. My goal is to have it stuck in your head by the time you’re done listening to it. I have a feeling it will for me for the rest of this weekend.

It’s the weekend, y’all!

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