Music Crush of the Moment: Féfé

I was going to simply say “Happy Tuesday” until I realized that Today’s Mardi Gras! So…Happy Fat Tuesday!… even if you’re not celebrating. I’ve been slacking off these past few days. However, I really did try to write yesterday but…Wordpress was acting up, so it derailed my plans. So, here’s what I would have written yesterday.

Féfé is a Nigerian-French artist whose music I can’t seem to get enough of these days. It took me a while to realize that he was part of another group I grew up listening to: Supa Saian Crew, a collective Hip Hop group whose songs captured the spirit of French Hip Hop in the 1990s, like Angela and Preuve Par Trois. These days, Féfé is blending Hip Hop and Acoustic in a way that keeps me coming back for more. His debut Album, Jeune à la retraite, is ear candy for me. He also did a song (well, a French version of a song) with K’Naan for the Olympics. Ahem, I believe you already know the song. Well…just in case you were living under the rocks during the time, it’s right here.

In this piece, Féfé talks about Hip Hop, Poverty and life in the ghetto in France. Don’t worry, it’s in English 🙂

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