Let Me Buy Your Love

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Now, onto today’s post. This one is a random one. But that’s really how my mind works, going from subject to subject, only stopping for a few seconds to breathe. I’ve been whining (to no one particular) about not feeling particularly creative these days, about how I just don’t “feel” it anymore. Then, I started writing about being uninspired and then, the weirdest thing happened. Creative juices started flowing. Synapses started to connect again and well..this is what came out of it.

Let Me Buy Your Love- A Poem

Let me buy your love.
For how much is it going, these days?
How much will you take and
To whom do I write the check?


I’d love nothing more than to have you adore me.
I crave your attention and your affection.
Send me as many love notes
As the number of days we’ve known each other.
Write my name across your arm
and refuse to love any name other than mine.


Let me buy your love.
How much is too much?
Are you open to bargaining with me?
Are there any coupons I can use on this deal?


I’d cherish every gift you give me
and every text message and voicemail you leave me.
Write songs about my hair and
Talk about the shape of my eyes
Only wear my favorite colors
and listen only to the music I love.


Let me buy your love.
I’m sure it’s not that expensive
I’m sure I can get on a payment plan
and sacrifice everything to pay it off quickly.


Let me buy your love, my love.
If you’re willing to sell, I’m willing to buy.
But if you’re willing to give, I won’t mind receiving.


Well, I love everything about it. I love that it’s ridiculous, over-the-top and quite hilarious. It’s ridiculous to expect someone to feel all these things for you or do these things for you. But it was fun coming up with things that fit the classic Romantic theme and elements of every day contemporary life like: coupons, payment plans, text messages. I really enjoyed the creative process. It doesn’t fit any rhyme scheme nor does it flow properly, but I liked it.

As I thought about how we, humans, relate to each other, I started to realize that we are no stranger to this story. When it comes to relationships, whether they be romantic ones or simply friendships, we try to do everything we can to gain or to stay in control. We’d love to make all the decisions we see fit or guide the interactions in the direction that we’d like.

The other funny thing is that no matter how many people like us or love us, a part of us always get hung up on the one person whose attention we can’t keep, whose time we can’t have, whose love we can’t buy. We stay focused on that person instead of simply being grateful for the numerous friends/allies/loved ones that we have.



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