This week, I put on replay:

A musician has me at his/her beats and melody. He/She however keeps me with their words.

I roll with clever broads
With goals like Fedorov
Seeking better jobs instead of running scam’s like “set it off”
Some aren’t the sharpest but they know what they stand for
They don’t let jams disrespect them on the dance floor
And no they never hit college like the damn four
For damn sure they got each other back like a Jansport
Girls in a league of they own, like Gina Davis,
Nina Simon ladies, Tina fey chicks, Christina Applegates
And Bonita Applebums that don’t mask and say “nothing” when
You ask whats wrong. That’s what’s up. And they can laugh it up.
And they don’t pass the buck.
Nothing for certain we all have to trust someone,
I used to want to find the love of my life,
Now I’m trying to live a life of love, it’s not just a husband and wife thing
Something that Christ brings some comfort at night
True beauty doesn’t run from the light.
Keep Shining.

Keep Shining

And I’ve been known to talk about women on a track or two
I talk to women I just can’t talk for women, that’s for you
We need women for that more women in rap,
Even tracks like Kweli’s for women
That’s still only half the view of the world
There’s no girls rapping so we only hearing
Half the truth, what we have to lose?
Too much half our youth gone represented,
The better halves of dues.
So we don’t hear about your brain just your “brains”

How you Roc-A-Fella
Stacy Dash things.
We just need your voice like an acapella
Something in the music gotta change.
A lot of things.
It’s funny how words like consciousness and positive music
Can somehow start to feel hollow.
It’s become too synonymous.
We’re polishing soft collagen lips, on the face of grace politics.
Well you can’t be everything to everyone, so lemme be anything to anyone.
The world turns and there’s clouds sometimes but there’s no such thing as a setting sun.
It always keep shining.

Keep Shining.

Check it out.
My mom taught me where to keep my heart.
My aunt taught me how to sing two parts.
My sis taught me how to parallel park,
And tried to teach me math but she way to too smart.
My grandma in the 80’s is still sharp.
My girl’s cousin is in activism in art.
They taught there’s no curls too tight, no mind too bright, no skin too dark
To keep shining.

Yeah, Keep shining.

Keep Shining

Note from the Director:
To me, the “Keep Shining” video is an ode to the strong and often under-appreciated spirits of women. This video was designed as a candid and thought/emotion-provoking concept. My goals were to create a candid and uplifting experience that featured a wide diversity of women and girls and to also unearth what I felt lay beneath the lyrics: A call to claim one’s voice. Early on, I realized a key to this concept: Shad barely appears in the video. The ladies own the lyrics. For me, it’s as if Shad is saying “take it, own it, your voice belongs to you.” It was my intention to show strength, vulnerability, joy, catharsis and reclamation of the spirit of all those who appeared in these 3 minutes and 44 seconds. My hope is that it will speak to women, girls, men and boys and everything in between. Let’s all “Keep Shining”.

Sarah Michelle Brown

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2 Responses to This week, I put on replay:

  1. Seyi says:

    Oh wow. I love this!
    Inspirational music is hard to find in this generation right now. Rather saddening!

    Cool blog!


  2. That African Girl says:

    Thanks, Seyi

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