The End-of-the-year Song

Our students are getting their summer break, as our office prepares for the upcoming school year, and the upcomming summer camp. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me nostalgic for the years where I used to get one. It does however brings this little ditty back into my mind. I’ve been singing it so much this past week, that it’s stuck in my head.

 Gai gai écoliers, c’est demain les vacaaances .
Gai gai écoliers, c’est demain  nous partirons.
Adieu mon maitre, qui m’a mis au piquet,
Qui m’a fait tant pleurer,
Les cahiers au feu!

(…and if we were feeling particularly cheeky that day, we’d add “et le maitre au milieu!”)

Roughly translated, this is what boys and girls would sing at the top of their lungs as they raced home on the last day of school:

Be happy, students, tomorrow begins summer break .
Be happy, students, tomorrow we will leave.
Farewell to my teacher who punished me so,
Who made me cry so.
Let’s throw our notebooks into a fire.

(and the cheeky/angsty ones would add “and the teacher in the middle”.)

Nope, not nostalgic at all.

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2 Responses to The End-of-the-year Song

  1. Mabel says:

    Hey girl!
    It’s Mabel from the West African Forum last earlier this month. Just dropped by to say hello!

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