The much anticipated Summer 2011 Playlist

With students on break, it means I have time to put together something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. A verrry important thing. Yes, I’m talking about the Playlist for the 2011 Summer. What’s on rotation in my listening device(s) this summer? I’m glad you asked. Be prepared to be blown away…or at least to be amused. 

1. Soma KijanaSauti Sol (I mean…how could I leave them out?)
2. They DanceThe Villagers Band
3. Ashawo RemixFlavour N’Abania
4. Plantain BoyTimaya

5. BlessedBrett Dennen
6. MushaboomFeist
7. My WayWheesung
8. If You Ask MeOmawumi (Thank you, afriPOP!)

9. Gagner L’argent FrancaisMamani Keita (Yes, that “cedille” thing is still bothering me…English keyboards and their lack of symbols…arrgh)
10. YeleBaaba Maal (Yes, it’s a really old song…I still like it. Move over, Music Police)
11. IjoSiji (Thank you, Minna!)
12. Every Ghetto, Every CityLauryn Hill (Yes, I went there 🙂 )

So…what are you listening to, this summer? What else should I add to my summer playlist? Are you inspired to come up with your own playlist, yet? Do share.


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2 Responses to The much anticipated Summer 2011 Playlist

  1. Dyane says:

    Hey Makafui,
    Thanks for visiting. Your blog is lovely. Will definitely be back…I’m always wanting to find new music…learn so much about people through their music.

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