Blogs I’ve been enjoying lately

I love finding new blogs. It’s like making a new friend. Here are a couple of blogs I’ve been enjoying lately. 



Tagline: This life is conspiring to do us good. I’m currently following Dyane’s travels and discoveries in Europe. Originally from Haiti, Dyane writes about Travel, Style and her “Messy Mondays” series encourages us to engage life fully. Plus, her pictures are beautiful.

The Dewey Decimals


Tagline: A style blog for bookworms. I enjoy a good fashion blog. When paired with Literature, I’m bound to like it even more. I find much in common with Erin and Camille as a recent graduate, and their literary references makes the bibliophile in me very happy.


Let’s just stay I’ve been listening to WPGM Radio all weekend. I find myself enjoying non-mainstream music a lot lately. Ayodele, Nifemi and their team bring it…and it’s good.

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One Response to Blogs I’ve been enjoying lately

  1. Dyane says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. I’m so pleased that you like the posts!

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