What’d I miss?

Summer is flying by, isn’t? It seems like yesterday, students were out for summer break and time seemed to just…expand. It was fun while it lasted. Where have I been? Well, I was on this campus (can you guess from the mascot…and…umm…the initials?) with 60 of our students for an academic camp. I learned a lot from the experience, including the fact that I like teenagers more than I’d care to admit…at least the ones that complain about not having enough time to do their homework, lol (once a nerd…)


Since I’ve been back, I’ve missed quite a few really cool things, so here’s a recap of what I missed…a highlight, if you will. 

1. Missing Freshlyground’s first performance in the U.S. because of camp. Umm…Zolani and the gang…how about you schedule your next U.S tour around my schedule, next time…please?

Thanks for the recap, Afrofusion!

2. Afropop July Mixtape (via Fly). The older I’m getting, the more I find myself enjoying things I never cared for…like Folk music (world music?) and acoustic sets. Now, this playlist has more than folk music, but it makes me want more. Their website would make any ethnomusicologist proud. 

3. Finding out over at the Mimi Magazine Blog that MTV is announcing the second season of the Kenyan drama, Shuga. Oh My! Remember when we blogged about it…more like gushed about it (like good Public Health nerds)? Umm…why do we have to wait until 2012, huh?  *whine, whine, complain, complain* Okay, I’m done. Psyched!


4. Chiddy Bang’s lyric video for their new single “Mind Your Manners”. Ear crack, no?- (via herfection

5. Gillean’s post on “Growing Up African“. So funny. It makes me think of things I will eventually have to explain to my cousins who are growing up in the States. They will, no doubt, have their own tales of “Growing Up African (outside of Africa)”. 

6. Mwanabibi uploaded  and started a conversation about”Shadeism”. All I wanted to do at the end of it, was to meet the girls in this short documentary and shake their hands. These issues have always existed in our respective communities and they did a great job of connecting the dots, and meeting East with West, North with South. 

7. I wrote a guest post for my friend (we’re Facebook friends now…it means it’s official, don’t you know?) Akhila about my day job. Check it out if you’re wondering what I mean when I always say “our students”. 

….And…Cut! (I’ve always wanted to say that.)


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