Making Sense of the Hyphen in your Cultural Identity

I haven’t blogged in a long while. But, have no fear. I’m back with some good stuff. I promise. 

Generation 1.5. Defined as immigrants to the United States during childhood or young adulthood, sharing characteristics of both first and second generation immigrants, US educated without having English as a home language. Every day, we find ways to classify ourselves and further put ourselves in tidy, little boxes. However, labels do help us sometimes frame a conversation.

1st Generation and Generation 1.5, whether immigrants to the United States or to another first-world country, have experiences that define their identity and their understanding of their place in the world. It’s much more than the hyphen that brings both of their worlds together: Korean-American, Mexican-American, Ghanaian-American. Two separate identities blended into one.


Four years after I started this blog, I finally realized that these are the issues I think about. I touch on them here and there, but it never occured to me that it would or should be the focus of what I write. The tagline of my blog is “Learning to Live Between Worlds”. As I think more about the “in-betweeness”, I’m realizing that it’s more than that. Living in the “between” is only a part of the story.

We start living in between, and then…and then, we engage. We engage both worlds at the same time. Us, 1st Gens and 1.5 Gens, engage both worlds at the same time and create our own experiences. We take the good from both and use it, as we learn to make sense of the hyphen in our cultural identity.

There will be many more posts in this future, about this. Hope you’re ready.


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