Worth Mentioning

It’s always hard writing about for-profit organizations engaged in actions and projects of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change because, it’s often hard to know when good intentions ends and mis-management starts.

I’ve heard many say that they would not donate to charitable organizations until they were 100% sure that 100% of their money was going to the recipients. I don’t think this is a good reason because it’s often impossible to know. We can’t keep from reaching out when we are able to do so, because of this. It’s a poor excuse for not acting.

These organizations are for-profit organizations that do one thing or another related to bringing Social Change in developing countries. Cynisism, Politics, Ulterior motives (and everything I learned in my Global Health classes) aside, I think they are worth highlighting.

Some are well known, others are not. Either way, they are worth mentioning.

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One Response to Worth Mentioning

  1. amymckie says:

    Interesting point. And many who aren’t willing to donate to charities unless they know that 100% goes to the recipients are willing to support corporations who do some type of social entrepreneurship with no questions asked too.

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