Country Profiles in 10 minutes: The African Edition

Happy (end) of Monday, everyone. 


Remember the country profiles I did a while ago? You can check them out here and here. (Yes, I was going from the bottom to the top). One reader suggested that I go shorter. Challenge for me? What could I find out about a country in 15 minutes of research and what can you read and remember in 10 minutes? Challenge accepted and Country Profiles in 10 minutes was born. 


I hope you enjoy them. 

As 1.5 Gens and 1st Gens (I may be using those terms more now), we often know a little about where we’re from, or where those around us are from. We have vague ideas about how we’re connected geographically to each other. This series seeks to remedy that.

Seeing as how many of us have a very short attention span (Don’t lie, you do), these profiles are done as snapshots. What could you learn about a country, if you only had 10 minutes?

It’s fast. It’s quick. It’s rapid-fire. It’s [insert another synonym for “fast’]. It’s enough for you to have at least one thing to say, when you meet another person from that place.

If you enjoy them, don’t be afraid to say so.


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