Marrying Culture and Career: Mochi Magazine

Mochi Magazine

Tagline: Empowering Asian American Teenage Girls

Founded in: 2008
Founders: Maggie Hsu, Stephanie Wu, Sandra Sohn

Mission: Online magazine and community for Asian American teen girls


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Audience: high school girls of Asian-American background

10 issues to date

Along with magazine, the blog updated frequently

In their words:

“ Society has come a long way in its representation of Asians, but we still have a ways to go. Even today, Asian representation in film mostly consists of martial arts flicks with the same actors, and the Asian American identity is completely overlooked. However, coming to terms with “Asian American” – the convergence despite all odds of two or more vastly different cultures – can be more difficult than learning our parents’ mother tongues or Tae Kwon Do. “Asian American,” in fact, is an identity apart from the terms “Asian” and “American” – it is the space between the two words that we struggle with.”

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