Marrying Career and Culture: Dotun Ayodeji

Dotun Ayodeji is a professional photographer based in Washington DC area (code for either DC, Maryland or Virginia, haha). His portfolio comprises of many types of photography including portraits, head shots, fashion shoots, engagements and weddings. One thing to note though, the man does African weddings like no one I've ever seen. On his blog, Dotun shares event photos and sometimes, snippets of 'stories behind the shot".

I've never seen anyone capture these moments of "living between two worlds" like Dotun does. Wouldn't you agree? 

Couples have to get on his schedule, months in advance. Understandable, no?

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4 Responses to Marrying Career and Culture: Dotun Ayodeji

  1. Akhila says:

    What beautiful pictures – I love them. So vibrant and full of love.

  2. Makafui says:

    Right? I love the stories he sometimes add to the pictures. Mr. Ayodeji is one talented photographer..and storyteller.

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  4. Oh this is a great photo essay: technology and tradition married. Loved it!

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