Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

Uganda in 10 minutes. What could you learn about this East African nation in 10 minutes? You might find out that the capital is Kampala and that the official language is English, though Swahili is widely spoken. You might do enough research to find out that the Ugandan president is Yoweri Museveni who has been in power for 24 years. If his presidency was a person, it’d be going through its own quarter-life crisis right now. In your research, it will perhaps come up that “Pearl of Africa” was the way Winston Churchill described the country when he visited in 1907.

You might realize that you would not go to the beach in Uganda, since it’s a land-locked country, but that you would go visit many lakes, including Lake Victoria. You might also learn about Faith communities including the Abayudaya, one of the few non-ethnic Jewish communities in the world. It’s possible that, in learning about Faith, you come across an example of “when Faith and Human Rights clash”, as you learn about the recent Anti-Homosexuality bill passed in Uganda that has raised an outcry and denouncing from the international community.

You might find time in those 10 minutes to recall the movie, “Last King of Scotland”, which was (loosely) based on the 1971-79 dictatorship of Idi-Amin, under whom hundreds of thousands lost their lives.

And if you’re brave, you might greet an Ugandan next time with an “Oli Otya!”
(which means "How are you?" in Luganda).

P.S: Have you noticed the changes on That African Girl? A new banner to start a new week.

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