Sleeping to Dream About You

Yes, that's a song lyric. Now, the question is, which song and singer? It's a perfect song for rainy days like today when all you (I mean...I) want to do is sleep in.

I thought I'd kick this week off, with a short story and question about "living between worlds".

They told me before I went away to college that it would be a place where I would learn more about myself...They did not lie. One of the few things I ever argued...I mean, talked over with my roommates was my sleep-talking habits...often in languages they could not understand. Was that English? French? Ewe? What do you mean you don't remember?

My question for you is, how long did it take you to start dreaming in the language of the place where you moved? If you've only traveled to another place for a specified amount of time, how long did it take you to start dreaming in that language?

Has anyone ever told you that you sleep-talk?

Just wondering.

Photo by Justin Jensen

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2 Responses to Sleeping to Dream About You

  1. I apparently sleep-talk. Not in English. Also once when very very drunk, I was told that I did. Haha.

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